Top 10 computer mouse tips everyone should know

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Most computer users don't take full advantage of the computer mouse. Below are computer mouse tips and secrets that help you get the full potential of your computer mous... Continue reading >>

Today's Computer Word: Internet Domain Suffixes

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Originally developed at the ISI (Information Sciences Institute), which was founded by Keith Uncapher, Internet domain suffixes are what help identify domain names on th... Continue reading >>

Yesterday's word - Random word

How to change a computer screen saver

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Computer users can enable, disable, or change their screen saver as well as adjust its properties by following the steps below. Click the link for the version of Microso... Continue reading >>




1926 - Ken Olsen is born.
1990 - The first Adobe Photoshop is introduced.

Computer History - Computer Pioneers



HTML color codes
Keyboard shortcuts
Download YouTube
NTLDR is Missing
Clear history
Beep codes
Bootable USB
Slow computer
First computer
Password folder
F1 - F12 keys
Touchpad help
CMOS setup
Safe Mode


What character is used in an OR operator?

1. Ampersand
2. Bracket
3. Colon
4. Pipe

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